Marco Adamovic, Toronto

“Creatively working together means we have a common goal.  For me it’s always been about the social impact of music.”

Marco, is an artist, musician and educator.  He has been making music and playing drums all over the Greater Toronto Area for the past 15 years.  You can find his beats in a number of punk/grunge/alt rock influenced bands: Alaska 87, Soul Rebel Sound, Sing Bandana Singh, Dead Shyre, LXRY,  and his own project Kanu (to name a few).

He talks to us about his experiences in moshpits, making aggressive music,in Canada everyone, even he, gets asked ‘but really where are you from?,’ growing up in Brampton and his thoughts on how collaboration between artists and communities shapes his sound and art.

I’m always taken by Marco’s ability to work with other artists towards making heavy, loud, meaningful kickass music. If you look at the bands he’s played in, there’s such a diversity of experiences and voices.  I’ve had the privilege of playing with Marco. His no ego -just music process, is something I take a lot of strength from.

We are editing this interview right now and will have it up soon!

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Contact Marco on Twitter: @marcoadamovic
Photo by Daniel Trinh
(C) Punk Diaspora Project 2016

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