Tantrum, Toronto

“Nobody knew what to do with us – we were just doing things and singing about things other people didn’t  – no one knew what genre we belonged to.  Our presence and message was just too strong.”

Tantrum played bass in the legendary punk band ‘Tribe8’ – a band that would be referenced as a foundation to the punk community known as queercore. Tantrum is from Toronto, Tribe 8 was based in San Francisco. Tantrum very rarely does interviews, and so I am super grateful that she agreed to sit down with me at Studio 201 in Toronto and have a chat about her work and experiences in such an influential band and scene.

Tantrum talks about being one of the first all women, all queer, bands making punk, being protested at a feminist music festival and just being a badass. We touched on a lot of things in our chat, but the thing that really stood out to me was how open Tantrum is about just owning your body, owning your sexuality and being proud of the experience of being yourself.

Brief Interview Coming soon!

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Photo by Bandana Singh
(C) Punk Diaspora Project 2016

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