Urvah Khan, Toronto

“There needs to be more people promoting creativity among young women, from a young age. Women are not just born to be a wife, a sister, a mother. There’s more to it…. It’s just all about being free and truly just do what you want, what makes you happy.”

Urvah Khan leads the ‘Scrap Army:’ a sound, a band, a movement. Urvah’s sound is a mash-up of punk, rock, hip hop and South Asian folk musics -but it’s more than that. Urvah really is her own sound. She is based in Toronto but is currently touring in Pakistan with a full band made up of some of Pakistan’s premier hard rock musicians.

Urvah and I got to sit down this summer and chat at the Rehearsal Factory on Richmond in Toronto. She shared her experiences on living between traditions, alternative beauty, her 2016 fall tour in Pakistan and taking the risks in being seen and heard as yourself.  I take so much away every time I speak with Urvah – she’s got a warm smile, a kind heart, a sharp mind and a fucking killer live show (that you must see if you ever get the chance).

We’re editing this brief interview right now.

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You can reach Urvah on twitter: @UrvahKhan
Photo by Daniel Trinh
(C) Punk Diaspora Project 2016



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