Rosina Kazi (Rose), Toronto

“I know what I want. It’s coming across this world that’s telling you that everything you want is wrong. That’s what I rub up against. “

Rose is a member of LAL, a two piece electronic project with her partner Nick, that is legendary in Toronto. Rose has been pushing the boundaries and helping to make spaces, including the amazing Unit 2, for artists on the margins in Toronto for over a decade. If you ever want to talk about intersections of music, social justice, community and self expression – Rose is the person to talk to.

Rose was coaxed out on a rainy Sunday morning, to talk to us about LAL’s work, how punk has an ethos more than a sound, Doing It Together instead of Doing it Yourself, and her experiences as part of the Bengali community as she was growing up in Toronto.

Rose has a confidence about her that I’d die to have.  Her work, and the work of LAL show how music, identity, culture, access and ‘multiculturalism’ are ongoing processes. LAL and Rose have quite certainly paved the way for artists like me to exist in Toronto and I’m so super grateful that we had this conversation.

We are editing this interview right now!

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Contact Rose on Twitter: @lalforest or for shows at:
Photo by Daniel Trinh
(C) Punk Diaspora Project 2016

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